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  • 'The most effective training I have received in 25 years'
  • 'At last! A training programme that truly meets a manager's needs'
  • 'I've been back in the office for less than a day and I have already implemented some of my learning'
  • 'This programme is an essential requirement for everyone, if they want to be truly effective and efficient in all areas of their lives'
  • 'I felt truly inspired'
  • 'Wonderful. I have so many new ideas to help me back at work and in my life outside of work'
  • 'The coaching you have given me has been invaluable in building the competences that I need to become an effective training professional'
  • 'My consulting skills have improved immeasurably as a result of your coaching'
  • 'The follow-up coaching sessions you provide have been a great help in implementing the learning you offered me, I can't thank you enough'
  • 'Your coaching and guidance have helped me make changes in my life that I would never have thought possible'
  • 'I've no idea how the trainers do it, they are magicians'
  • 'Highly pragmatic ideas that will help me address many of the challenges that I face'
  • 'Highly recommended, I wish all my managers had attended this course'
  • 'I felt the need to write to you to let you know that 6 months after the programme I am still finding new ways of implementing my learning. I never knew I'd be able to get so much out of the training - thanks'
  • 'This has made a major difference to the way I view other people. I no longer look to blame other people for problems that arise. I look at myself first and ask 'what should or could I have done differently''
  • 'I had never considered why I got angry with my team, bosses, customers. Thank you for highlighting how I can manage those situations much more productively'
  • 'This experience will stay with me for a very long time. It really made me take a long hard look at what I want in life and where I want to be'
  • 'Inspirational, I love the sound bites, they really struck home'
  • 'A very insightful training workshop. Not only has it made me think, it's made we want to do things differently in the future - one step at a time though'
  • 'The most effective training I have received in 25 years'

Our work with clients in the UK public and private sectors and internationally continues to receive excellent feedback and we have regular requests for repeat business and additional support. We are proud of our work in developing leadership, managerial and change management capacity in organisations from over 25 countries in Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia.


A considerable focus for our recent work has been in National Statistical Institutes in developing countries. We believe that support from other countries and from funding bodies can help developing countries to enhance their economic prosperity. To obtain this support and to demonstrate its use in a sustainable way it is vital to have accurate and coherent statistical information. Governments can only make effective economic decisions that improve the lives of their people if they receive reliable and timely information.

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