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Consultancy & Capacity Building


We are able to offer a range of a training based consultancy services including:

Design Services

  • Bespoke design of training courses and developmental events for specialist and professional groups.
  • Design of core competence frameworks to enable the effective identification of learning needs and the assessment of individual performance
  • Bespoke design of ‘awayday’ events to improve individual, team and organisational performance
  • Bespoke design of training courses to meet specific business requirements

Training Needs Analysis

  • Identification of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to achieve business objectives

Facilitation and Delivery

  • Facilitation of 'awayday' style events covering a full range of subject areas such as team building, conflict management and managing change


  • Comprehensive evaluation of training activities at individual, team and organisational level

Coaching and Mentoring

  • We provide coaching and mentoring to staff at all levels to develop their individual capabilities and to deliver sustainable personal change

Our Four Stage Consultancy Process:

Step 1

Identify client's wants and needs including outcomes and timescales

Step 2

Design quality, value for money event or process in partnership with the client

Step 3

Deliver quality event or process to client's timescales

Step 4

Evalaution and report


Capacity Building:

In working towards our vision of ‘inspiring others to make a difference' we have successfully worked in Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia for a number of different funding organisations including The World Bank and UK Department for International Development. We also work closely with Destatis and GOPA.


Our work to date has focused on improving the quality of leadership, management and change management in National Statistical Institutes. These government institutions play a significant role in the economic decision-making of their countries and contribute directly to the ability of governments to increase the prosperity of their populations. Enhancing the effectiveness of leadership, management and change management in a sustainable way is therefore fundamental to improving the capacity of a country to make appropriate decisions. To date we have worked with representatives from the following countries:



Our work has brought together representatives from a range of countries including those who are historically viewed as having conflicting interests. By bringing clarity of meaning about management and leadership we have been able to help develop stronger bonds between these representatives and a greater understanding of the problems that they face.


We continue to seek opportunities to work directly with funding organisations or, to work in partnership with other organisations involved in capacity building activities. Please contact us if your organisation is undertaking work in countries that require support in developing leadership, management and change management and also generic business competence capacity.

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